Jane McGonical, a game designer from the Institute for the Future, expressed her goal for the next decade to make it easy to save the world as it is in online games. She encouraged all people to spend more time playing bigger and better games to solve real-world problems. You might think it sounds crazy; however, she pointed out many interesting ideas from her research and 10 years of experience making online games.

On the Verge of Epic Wins: Gamers’ Trophy in Online Worlds

As a gamer yourself, you might have heard about an ‘Epic Win.’ An Epic Win is an outcome that is so extraordinarily positive, and you have no idea it was even possible until you achieved it.

The following are situations that make Epic Wins in Online Worlds:

  • Many characters are willing to trust you right away in a world-saving mission, which perfectly matches your level in the game.
  • We get positive feedback, level up, and change what we are capable of to evolve as more collaborative and hearty species.

Additionally, the Institute for the Future designed three games that give people means for epic wins:

“10,000 hours” Theory of Success: Malcolm Gladwell

In his book “Outliers,” Gladwell stated that if we can master 10,000 hours of effortful study at anything by age 21, we will be virtuoso at it. She mentioned that an average young person in a country with a strong gamer spends 10,000 hours of gaming by age 21. Today, there is an entire generation of young gamers who are extraordinarily good at something. There would be an additional billion more for the next consoles to come.

Additionally, the speaker mentioned ‘Superpowers’ that makes you virtuous at gaming:

  • Urgent Optimism
  • Social Fabric
  • Blissful Productivity
  • Epic Meaning

Ancient Dice: Games as Escapade From Real-World Suffering

According to the Greek historian Herodotus, the first games were invented in Lydia’s kingdom during a time of famine 2,500 years ago. Ancient Dice made from sheep’s knuckles saved an entire civilization by helping them forget a lack of food while playing games. Like in this situation, we are also using games to escape our own real-world suffering. Playing games helps to get away from everything that’s broken in the real environment.

The Next Decade: An Outlook for Games in the Future

The Next Decade- An Outlook for Games in the Future - THESIS.PH

Gamers are super-empowered, hopeful individuals. When inside game worlds, you become the best version of yourself, but you might feel more overwhelmed when confronted with obstacles in the real world. This becomes a problem for gamers. Taking the initial steps to incorporate engaging solutions like online games is useful to solve our problems. Let us allow extraordinary gamers take part in helping us save the real world we already play in.

Games, in moderation, do help us enhance our skills and approach in solving problems. In the next decade to come, the evolution we had undergone from using games will give us an edge. Gamers can create “epic wins” in the real game.

What epic game-based learning system do you have in mind for your thesis?


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