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Game On: How Serious Games Impact Corporate Training


Video games primarily serve the purpose of entertainment throughout the years. Different categories of games can be played on almost any type of mobile device so that you can catch a breath and have the chance to live in the virtual world. However, due to changes brought by innovation, games can serve different purposes other than blowing off our steam. Let’s talk about serious games.

Serious Games’ Role and Benefits in Game-Based Learning

Serious games are unique video games designed to change the behaviors and attitudes of the player by teaching them and expanding their knowledge on a wide range of subjects. While the regular games that you play aim to reduce your stress and boredom, they intend to understand the message of the game. Schools, universities, businesses, and corporations use them for game-based learning.

You may agree that games are more enjoyable and dynamic compared to textbooks and training videos. Given this, serious games and game-based learning have a significant impact on modern life. They dramatically increase your engagement and motivation with the material. As a result, some companies all over the world are looking into introducing serious games to their training programs.

Moreover, here are some of the most important benefits of digital game-based learning:

  • improved cognitive functions, decision making, problem-solving skills, and communication skills
  • increased digital literacy, self-esteem, and independence
  • learning through experience
  • feedback-driven learning

Skill Training: Soft Skills and Hard Skills

Game-based learning helps to develop two types of skills:

  • Hard Skills Training: These include the technical and administrative procedures related to how the company operates. You may treat this as relatively easy, especially if you are a new learner. Hard skills are challenging to unlearn yet are easy to measure and test.
  • Soft Skills: These are skills you can use in any number of jobs and disciplines, such as emotional intelligence, creativity, and negotiation skills. They are not easy to observe or test and are more challenging to train, which is why this gives an excellent purpose of serious games to operate. Game-based learning is one of the few genuinely effective techniques in improving someone’s soft skills.

As Part of Effective Corporate Training

If you are interested in adapting game-based learning in your company, know that it can be a lengthy process. There are a lot of things to consider for its successful implementation.

There are four key aspects that you need to consider for your games to give the desired outcome:

  • A balance between gameplay and learning
  • Constructive feedback
  • Friendly competition
  • New game challenges

Serious games are most helpful for your company, especially in assessing and improving the holistic performance of intended learners. It remains one of the most excellent methods in increasing the player’s motivation and changing their behaviors and attitudes toward the presented material. It may be difficult for you to resist them because of their advantages and positive impact. However, know that these come with significant challenges that will require your patience in corporate training.

Does your thesis adapt the concept of serious games for corporate industries?



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